Image: Museu do Automovèl

Image: Museu do Automovèl, Brasilia

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Museu Eduardo Andre Matarazzo (Bebedouro)

Museu da Tecnologia da Ulbra (Canoas) permanently closed

Museu Nacional do Automóvel (Brasilia)

Museu do Automóvel da Estrada Real (Tiradentes)


Do you know more museums in Brazil with one or more Alfas on (permanent) display, please let me know.

2 thoughts on “Brazil

  1. Museu tries to survive against the trial of federal government who requires the building to guard dead archives.
    It also exposes models of 4 production years of sedan AR 2300. The first one exemplar, from 1974, and late version, from 1986, and shows engines, with particular attraction on a AR diesel truck engine, donated by Fiat Brasil.

    • Muito obrigado for your reply and the extra information. I sincerely hope the Museu will be able to receive visitors again soon. All the best, Hans

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