Museo de Autos Antiguos Colección Nicolini (Lima)

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Collección Nicolini

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Collección Nicolini Peru, 2600 SZ

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2 thoughts on “Museo de Autos Antiguos Colección Nicolini (Lima)

  1. If you visit Lima, Peru, then be sure to visit this museum. It has a wonderful collection of US and European cars and a fantastic restoration shop onsite. The Alfa 2600 Sprint Zagato is an incredible work of art. I first saw this car when it was a rusted hulk sitting in the Museum’s courtyard in 2008. When I saw it again in 2014, they had completely restored the body. Many of the parts they made themselves, such as new front bumpers. They have an onsite chrome plating operation, paint shop, and mechanical rebuilding area. It’s all very “old world” stuff going on in big, dark, old industrial buildings, but the quality of their work is first rate. We go to Peru every year or two and always make it a point to visit this museum to see what their latest projects are. The have the very first BMW car that still runs in their museum. The factory came over to use it in a tv commercial a few years back.

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