Excellent videos 2

Videos in which Alfa Romeos are starring are all over the internet. Some are rather crude, others are professionally made or at least with a lot of passion. From time to time this blog will feature some of those little gems. The focus is on Alfas in museums or at events. And sometimes it’s just about a single man’s (or woman’s) Alfa Romeo and the passion for it.

The video links will also appear on the video page.

A day (and night) at the races

Does a racing career ever end? Sure, when we’re talking people, yes, there comes a time it might get unsafe for the driver to continue. Sadly, power, perseverance and reflexes slowly but inevitably fade away. But the cars stick to their original values, as long as they are cared for by competent mechanics and driven by expert drivers. See how well a Giulietta SZ from the OKP team performs at the 2012 Le Mans Classic…

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