Le Alfa dell’Autodelta in pista

Recently the Italian classic car magazine Ruoteclassiche published on its blog photos from some of the most successful cars from Alfa Romeo’s Autodelta motorsports department. Alfa Romeo took the cars to the Balocco test track, west of Milan, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Autodelta, which was founded by Ing. Carlo Chiti and Ing. Lodovico Chizzola March 4th, 1963 as Auto-Delta. November 30th, 1964 the name was changed to Autodelta. 1966 the team became officially part of Alfa Romeo.

Ruoteclassiche 50 years Autodelta at Balocco.

Image credits: Ruoteclassiche

The pictures were shot March 22nd, 2013 and the weather seems to have been far better than a week earlier when the Alfa Romeo Club Milano and Alfa Romeo Owners Club Alfissima organized their Autodelta50 event when the visitors had to deal with rain. Go to the Ruoteclassiche blog.

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