1900 SSZ found after fourty years

Alfa Romeo 1900 SSZ Barnfind

1900 SSZ

Currently on display at the Style Icons exhibition in the Louwman Museum in The Hague, the Netherlands, is a rare 1900 SSZ. ‘SS’ for Super Sport, ‘Z’ for Carrozzeria Zagato. In 1952 the 1900 SSZ was developed for competition use. The weight was kept low by the use of materials like aluminum for the body and perspex for the windows.

Only 39 were built. Despite the SSZ being easy to recognize there are diffenrences between the cars; ‘double bubble’ roof or regular, one, two or no scoops on the bonnet and a more or less pronounced profile around the ‘scudetto’,  the heart shaped grill. (see pictures)

In 1954 this specific car was sold to Ruggero Ricci from Lucca, Italy. Ricci took part in several races with his companion Otello Biagiotti.

Then the SSZ was parked in a garage in Rome and it had to wait fourty years to see daylight again. It has been acquired recently by the well known collector Corrado Lopresto. The cars is still covered in dust from four decades but seems to be pretty complete.

The Style Icons exhibition has been set up in co-operation with the Dutch Alfa Romeo owners club SCARB and with the support of Alfa Romeo Netherlands. More footage from this event will follow.  Sixteen Alfa Romeos, from 8c 2900 B Le Mans and 6c 2500 SS Trossi to Carabo and Navajo are on display, apart from the six Alfas in the museum’s permanent collection. Style Icons ends June 2nd, 2013.

click below to see the slideshow

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