2013 California Mille meet and greet

Alfa Romeo Giuliettas

As I sit here typing this morning there are a bunch of well-to-do and enthusiastic about old cars types motoring through the backroads of California on this years edition of the California Mille.  On the Sunday before departure they throw a bit of a party at the Fairmont on Nob Hill where the public can go experience that warm-n-fuzzy and the participants can show off their rides, tans and other accessories and grooming habits.

This is the first Mille since Martin Swig’s passing and his sons David and Howard kept the show going admirably.  Everyone I know in the SF bay area seems to have an amusing Martin story.  He is missed.



This was the star of my show, a 6C2500 in a great color and on the road.  Anyone know the story of this car?

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