Police car chases are fun! (new book)

Cover of book 'A tutte la auto inseguite dalla Polizia'

Published by: Il Cammello

I must confess: when I see a car chase on TV I must lean forward, I’ll be on the edge of my chair. Especially when Alfa Romeos are involved. They’ll be my favorites, no matter whether they belong to the good guys or the bad guys.

In the seventies wild car chases were a recurring element in Italian crime movies. As Alfa Romeo was state owned many police cars wore the badge with the cross and the biscione. The chases sometimes were filmed in low budget mode. The cars that crashed often obviously were different from the cars the spectator saw some seconds before. Sometimes the crashing car even was from another make or one could clearly see the ‘driver’ was a puppet! Anyhow, many cars did not survive or at least ended up heavily battered. A painful sight for those who now possess a classic car.

A new book on these Italian car chases is A tutte la auto inseguite dalla Polizia, by Edoardo Ferrero and Massimo Cavicchio. Editor: Società Editrice Il Cammello. 72 pages, over 300 images.  The book provides information about the cars that appeared in all the great movies in that genre. Comments on the cars by the authors from an original point of view. The text is in Italian.

Like Alfa Romeo police cars? Plan a visit to the Museo delle Auto della Polizia di Stato when you are in Rome.

Classic car chase movies from Italy on YouTube are countless. Let’s just pick one:

Want more? Go to YouTube and search for inseguimento + alfa + polizia.

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