Coppa di Koumi

One of the new subscribers to the Twitter account of this website is ‘Coppa di Koumi’. Welcome! 歓迎

The name made me curious and I found out the Coppa di Koumi is a small but nice event for classic European cars in Japan, with an emphasis on Italian, but not strictly limited to cars from the land of the tricolore. For two days, April 20th and 21st, 2013, the cars roared away through the mountainous landscape around Koumi, a little village east of Nagano.

The Alfa Romeos that took part in the 23rd edition of this classic rally were a 6c 1750 GS from 1933, Giuliettas Berlina, Spider, Sprint, SS, Sprint Zagato (coda tronca) and a Giulia TZ. It’s nice to see the rising sun and the sogno italiano get along so very well.

Enjoy the pictures from the Coppa di Koumi website and from the Japanese Italiaspeed blog.

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Image credits:

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