4C Spider premiere in Geneva

March 4th the open version of Alfa Romeo’s exciting 4C has been revealed by Harald Wester at the Geneva Motor Show.

Apart from the (manually) detachable softtop there are several differences with the coupe launched in 2013. One of the most notable: new headlight units, which will be favored over the multi led units from the coupe by many people. Among other novelties are the different diameters of the wheels front and rear; 18 vs. 19 inch.

Read more on the official 4C website and on motorauthority.com.

Lightness from Holland

Following the joint development between TenCate Advanced Composites and the Adler Group with regard to the Alfa Romeo 4C chassis, an exclusive supply agreement has been reached for the use of carbon fibre composite prepreg material. This advanced material is being used for the production of the entire monocoque. The central passenger cell reduces vehicle weight and creates a highly rigid and safe basic structure.

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4C Spider remains Alfa’s only ‘open’ car

‘Open’ is a bit optimistic as the 4C Spider with it’s targa style roof  is not a Spider in the true sense.  Alfa Romeo has had a long history with convertibles like the Giulietta Spiders, Duettos and other open 105-series models, and later models like the 916-series, RZ and Brera Spider. Even the 8C Spider, whilst driver and passenger were tucked away deep in the body, gave the sensation of driving ‘top down’.  Can the 4C offer the same feeling with only a piece of cloth missing?

Alfisti wanting to own a true roadster could have been served with the new Mazda Miata/MX5-Alfa Spider project. However, Fiat’s CEO Marchionne recently announced that no Alfa Romeos will be built outside Italy. The Italian sibling of this project might appear on the market as a Fiat of Abarth, but it looks like there will be no true open Alfa within a forseeable period. Did I say 4C-able?

Luca Ciferri on this matter

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