Dear Alfisti,

Do you know that feeling of coming home from a trip (business or leisure) just to find out that you were quite near a museum where you could have seen a famous classic Alfa? You’d better be prepared on your next trip! Just check Museums in advance or go to your travel destination in the world map to find out which museums are nearby.

This website also has an Events page with an overview of international events where rare, classic or unique Alfa Romeos can be expected to show up.

Go to the Blog page for the latest news.

At this moment (end 2013) data from a number of museums still have to be inserted. This will happen within the next months.

To avoid disappointments please pay some attention to the disclaimer.

Have a great trip!


7 thoughts on “Home

  1. We will be in/near Milan first week Nov.2013. Is the Arese museum open? Also, where did the factory relocate to? Any info would be appreciated. My husband is a true Alfa fan, having restored MANY to original status at his body shop and preparing many more for Pebble Beach Concours. Thanks for information.

    • The museum is still closed. However, there are rumours that the museum would reopen in 2015, but nothing has been comfirmed yet.

      The Mito is manufactured in the Mirafiori factory near Turin, the Giulietta in Cassino, while the 4C is assembled on the Maserati production line in Modena.

  2. Hello,
    A sa true Alfist -I drive Alfa Romeo from my 22 till now ,65 ,have a splendid 147 Black Line-I find it really a shame for Alfa Romeo,I mean Fiat that this extraordinnary museo storico is closed.I was there already two times,the last time in 2005 or 2006 and is it really beatiful.
    Can you say me who is really responsable for the clos,os it the commune of Arerse ,is it the region Lombardia or is it simply Fiat?
    If it is Fiat I ask muself why they don”t have the estimation for this wonderful collection?Don’t they know pr/public relations?
    Where are all the poeple who worked at the Arese factory?Did they lose their work or working in the Fiat factories now?i

    I hope it will be o.k;for the future.
    Nice Alfisti greeings
    Marc Luycx

      • Hello Dink,
        Thank you for the information you send.
        I Hope our petition will give some effect,otherwise we can Always go in group to Fiat sPA-Torino and ask a meeting with the direction or better Mr Marcchione himself.
        Don’t give up
        Marc Luycx

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