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We ask to you guys, to sign the petition to reopen the Alfa Romeo museum in Arese.

“We would like to ask in this petition to reopen the Alfa Romeo Historical Museum in Arese (MI). We know that it is a private property, but is also a place protected by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage: therefore of common interest not only particular. We ask simply to reopen It to the public.

The petition does not want to have a provocative to you but just be a testament to how we regret this situation.”

So, you guys infected by Alfa Virus and not only, please spread the word and share the link. Go here and sign it. Make my day. Thanks.

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  1. I try since 2011 to have a look at those automotive treasure but every time I stood at the gate I was said “CLOSED”. Why does Fiat not reopen this museum? The history is older than Ferrari, race victories before Lamborghini changed from tractors to sportscars and most times much more exciting models than Fiat.
    This can´t be Italien style, not showing those technical and styling highlights, when the up to date models 8C and 4C shall carry on this tradition.

  2. People fly from all over the world to visit this place
    I managed to get there the day before it closed which at the time I didn’t know it was to close,if I knew that I would have stayed there longer to soak up the feelings I had as I walk through ,
    I have travelled the world .
    I have 30 years experience working with lamborghini,Ferrari,Maserati,detomaso,lotus,jaguar ,rolls Royce
    Aston Martin
    I have visited most of these factories and museums

    None compare with Alfa Romeo,the history,passion designs an innovation

    I have been hoping it would reopen for my next trip to Italy

    What a shame to have this hidden from the public

    Italians are usually proud of their achievements
    Bosses of Fiat hold your head up high open the doors,look back into your heritage and bring it into the future with your new models so one day your work can be viewed with the same reverence

    Not hide it away in shame

  3. I was lucky to visit this museum shortly after it opened. It saddens me deeply that the passion, the skills and the artistry of Alfa Romeo through the ages is presently hidden behind locked doors. I visited the site in 2011 to find it still closed and again tried in 2013. FIAT, please consider the tradition that Alfa Romeo brings to the national pride of Italy and re-open this wondrous museum.

  4. My husband and I are planning to drive our 1969 1300 Junior ‘Jules’ Spider back to Milan, where she was made and hoping to visit the museum. Gutted to discover this heritage centre is closed. Seems such a waste to mothball a place of inspiration and national pride.

  5. There is some hope that visits to the museum may be ongoing; but it seems patience and a solid knowledge of the Italian language may be required. Since posting early December I have received more information – Hopefully I can find it to update this thread…

  6. I from Malaysia.I own a Alfa 155.i “m a alfa romeo fanatics.i wanted to travel to Italy to visit this it closed.i don”t when i got a chance to go there.

  7. Please reopen the Alfa Museum as I would be visiting Milan in September. I used to own a 1969 1600 Guilia Sprint in my younger days. The car was really a fun to drive with twin overhead cam which I rev up to high speed before shifting gears. I used to race with the BMW 2002 and Datsun 240Z in those days. Even these, I have been driving several models Mercedes since 1993, I still have dreams of my old Alfa.

    Peter, Toronto

  8. Yes, please re-open and promote the museum! I visited the museum back in 1997 with my girlfriend. Now my son is 14, he loves Alfa Romeo and would really like to go there and see all the Beautiful cars. Is there any chance you will open this year?

    • Hello John,
      I’m the owner of this site which displays details of museums all over the world. I am not affilated with Fiat/Alfa Romeo Automobiles, nor the museum.
      Rumours are that the museum would reopen in 2015 but there’s no guarantee.

  9. Alfa Romeo is the ultimate Italian mark, it’s a disgrace this museum has remained closed for so long especially in a country so passionate about their automobile heritage

  10. Alfa Romeo is one of the best historical brand and there is no more possibility to visit this museum… I’m very disappointed because we had a 1750 as I was young, now it’s my 4th Alfa (MITO) and I would be very happy to have a look at this wonderful collection of cars ;-))

  11. Enzo Ferrari worked for Alfa before lauching his own brand, with the success we all know. Alfa Romeo has been existing since 1910, at that time there were only Rolls-Royce, BMW and Mercedes as major automobile brands, and Audi was nothing before 1981 ! Alfa Romeo had a big success with Walter da Silva and the 156, they launched that wonderful 8C, the MITO wich is directely inspired from this supercar, and now the 4C. From 2015 on, the firm is trying to developp new products in cooperation with Maserati and all-drive wheels. Would be fantastic for all fans to feel and smell hidden beauties in the closed museum…

  12. Please open this italian heritage motor Museum (Alfa). We need to keep it going to show generations to come how great Alfa Romeo really was and will be again.

  13. We are planning a trip to Italy and we would very much like to visit the Alfa Romeo Museum. I am a member of the New Zealand Alfa Romeo Owners Club.

      • Wir hoffen alle ,dass Fiat das Museum wieder zur Besichtigung öffnet , wir sind alte Alfa Fahrer und sind mit dieser Marke und den Autos verbunden. Meine Alfa Romeo sind 1. Alfa Giulia Super 1,6 2. Alfa 1750 Berlina. 3. Alfa 2000 Berlina.4.Alfa Alfetta Limousine 2000 4.Alfetta GTV 2.5.5.Alfa 75 2000 Li mousine.6.Alfa 75 .V6 3000 rot. 7. Alfa 75 3000 Quadrifolio rot. 8 Alfa 75 3000
        schwarz. Letzter Hinterradanrieb. 9. Alfa 155 2.0 8V Rot .10.Alfa 155 16V rot.
        11.Alfa 155 2.5V6 Bordorot .12. Alfa 156 2.5.V6 Rot mit Sportausrüstung und grossem Heckspoiler.Mein Auto hat j etzt ca 110.000 Km ist 14 Jahre alt und ich weiss nicht was ich für mein Alfa Herz kaufen soll
        Wann kommt der nächste tippische ALFA . Ich will keinen FIAT !!!!

  14. Hi,
    last year, i visited Italy but hte museum was already closed.
    I’ll go in summer again, and i hope it’ll be reopen.

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