Registro Alfasud Giardinetta internazionale

It’s no secret Alfasuds were extremely sensitive to corrosion. Few have survived and to find a good one has become a challenge. Even harder to find are the Tipo 904A /904B or Giardinetta models. The name Giardinetta sounds much better than Estate, Stationwagon, Combi or Break as used by other marques, although the true meaning, ‘for garden use’ will have been the main reason to buy one on only very limited occasions.

Differences between the hatckback models and the Giardinetta are much more than a longer roof panel, stretched side windows and a higher boot lid. The learn more about the Alfasud Giardinetta check out the website of the Registro Alfasud Giardinetta internazionale. This site provides lots of hard to find documentation and keeps track of surviving cars.

Do you own a Giardinetta or do you know more about a specific vehicle that’s not listed or just partially described in the register yet, please contact the webmaster by clicking on the banner below.

Registro Alfasud Giardinetta internazionale banner


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